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Department of Nerosurgery

Department of Neurosurgery,Room No #580,
Max Super Speciality Hospital, Sector 1,
Vaishali, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201012
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Radiotherapy: Enhancing health by Radiation

Radiotherapy also known as radiation therapy is a treatment uses radiation (usually X-rays) to kill cancer cells so that they cannot grow or multiply. Radio therapy is localized treatment method where, it only affects the part of the body where the radiation is targeted.

How Radiotherapy works? 
Radiotherapy works by destroying the cancer cells of the area which is being treated. Sometimes in a radiotherapy normal cells around the cancer cells also may get damaged. But the fact is that normal cells can repair themselves after radiotherapy but cancer cells can’t.
Why radiotherapy is given?

Radiotherapy is a part of cancer treatment given for the following reasons:

  • Curative Treatments: The aim of this treatment is to cure cancer by destroying the cancer cells. This treatment is also known as radical treatment.
  • Palliative Treatment: This treatment is given when cancer is not possible to cure. This treatment method is used to control the growth or multiplication of tumor or cancer.

Ways of giving Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy can be given Through externally and internally:

  • An External radiotherapy uses high energy X-rays at the affected area from a linear accelerator machines and electrons.
  • During an internal radiotherapy a radioactive material is placed in or close to the tumor.
  • The way of giving radiotherapy depends on the type of cancer the patient have.
  • In some cases both internal and external radiotherapy will be given and some cancers are treated with Chemoradiation (the treatment method where chemotherapy and radiotherapy is given at the same time).

Where will I have radiotherapy?
Radiotherapy treatments are given on an individual basis, that means if two persons have the same type of cancer, their radiotherapy treatment will be different. So, you should plan carefully before starting a radiotherapy treatment and you treatment team should be health professional who care for people having radiotherapy and who are specialized in diagnosing and treating the type of cancer you have.
Dr Manish Vaish who is a highly qualified and eminent senior surgeon offers the best Radiotherapy treatment for patients at his Gurukripa Advanced Neuro Care Institute based in Noida. The clinic also offers various kinds of treatments and surgeries for brain and all neurological problems.


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